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What is Dad Unvarnished?

Dad Unvarnished is a podcast I developed to connect with parents raising young children today. It's a funny, unabashed and no-BS take on parenting in today's hyper-sensitized world of “gentle parenting.” 

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The podcast and blog are free products I use to connect with potential clients who need my services. You can access the podcast and blog across this site. To learn more about what services I have to offer, click on the “SERVICES” link in the navigation bar above. 

About Wade

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. If you're reading this, you want to know a bit about me. I've been married for over a decade and have three rambunctious children, an older boy and a set of fraternal twins. I'm compelled to give my unvarnished take on parenting in today's society, to connect with like minded individuals who share the same frustrations and to help those who need it. With the help of my wife, we're committed to passing on the knowledge we've learned over the years, through study, trial and error, success and failure, so that others can reap the rewards of the lessons we've learned and avoid the obstacles that we've encountered. Continue reading below for more on my experience and valuesI



The Core of What I do

The most important thing for me has always been freedom. Not money, or fame, or things, but freedom. Freedom to live how I want and do what I want. To be there for my kids when they need me and to be close to my wife and dogs for the majority of my life, not just the time between work and sleep. Looking back on the choices made, it's been a success. And when I stopped to think of how this came to be, why I was able to structure my life this way, I realized it's pretty simple. Anyone can do it, if they follow the right path. Every person has their own unique combination of skills that enables them to recognize strengths and weaknesses in unfolding events. Understanding that life is a system of patterns created by human behavior and outside forces, and using a system of principles and strategies designed to leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses, we can extract more from our efforts and output. This is a fascination of mine and I love solving problems with complex variables that take into account many facets of life, from emotional, financial, macroeconomic, trends, weather and more. In essence, my strengths lay in maximizing the benefits from resources while mitigating any long term downside risks which increases the chances for success.   

Walking the walk

At 42, I find myself with a significant amount of a passion for unexplored opportunities. Having recently sold my business, my wife and I are expanding our real estate holdings while tentatively following the markets and macroeconomic changes around the world. My wife brings a world of knowledge and experience to every venture. She's had years of experience working as a business engagement specialist, helping businesses solve problems and find solutions. Before that she raised millions for charity as the prime fundraiser and she currently sits on a family owned and operated foundation that allocates money for much needed charities. Backed by my amazing wife, and eclectic network of friends and relatives, I'm blessed to have the freedom to do what I love.

Hobbies and interests

I've been a life long learner of everything interesting, from exercise to finance. I've written several books, seven of which I've self published. You can obtain a free copy of one by using the “FREE” tab that's located in the navigation menu. In my teens and twenties, I studied everything fitness, and worked as a personal trainer focusing on weight loss, rehabilitation from injuries and athletic strength and conditioning across various sports. I love reading, playing with my kids, hiking in the woods with my wife and enjoying life. 


Our lives take shape whether we participate or not. Shape your destiny. Leave others to fate.