Dad Unvarnished



Anyone and everyone. Whether you need help with a single, small issue, or you're looking to develop a larger plan that will adapt over time.

Yes! Absolutely. There is no commitment to speaking with us and you won't be required to sign up for promotional offers. We will not sell your personal information to any third parties or pressure you to buy products. The service is offered to help those who need it. 

The initial consultation is free. If you decide to enlist our help, the cost is broken into 30 min and 60 min intervals, depending on your needs. For 30 min sessions, the cost is $45 CND and $80 CND by the hour. Quotes for larger projects can be given. 

This is the fairest way for both parties. It allows people to keep track of their costs and assess what they're getting in return. Quotes for larger projects can be given or an hourly rate can be applied, depending on the clients preference and scope of project.

Severable actionable options will be given based on the information clients provide. The goal of this service is to expand a persons awareness, resources, and options when determining a path. That path will ultimately be up to the client. 

While we can't guarantee success, it's not unreasonable to understand why. Results will vary on the length of time spent understanding the client and their issues as well as many other life factors we cannot possibly take into account. However, we are confident that the client will be better prepared to mitigate outlying risks with the additional information we provide. 

Yes! We don't ask for any identification or sensitive personal information. We don't use bank statements, tax filings, or any other personal verification tracking. There really is no need. We use only what clients need to give us, in order to help with the problem they're facing. We assign all numbers and facts to a non specific generic profile. Most of the interactions will happen over video chat with no data trail. 

This really depends on the person and the problem. Every situation is unique. Sometimes people just need an ear to bounce an idea off. You might get enough out of the free consultation  and not need any additional help. Others might be looking to develop a longer term plan centred around a larger life goal or obstacle. This can be assessed during the free consultation.

Feel free to follow up by email with any questions related to the material we covered. If something is unclear we will make sure to clarify it. If it's something unrelated or requires creating additional parts to the structure of the initial plan, then booking additional time might be needed. 

The podcast and blog are free resources used to engage with potential customers. They're also really fun to create!